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When you need an expert to take care of your roof, you'll want to find a professional who knows how to do it all. DBI Roofing & Siding, Inc. is a roof and chimney flashing company in Newburgh, NY. We can tackle any chimney flashing repair and chimney repointing work. We'll ensure your chimney is structurally sound and watertight.

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3 ways flashing protects your home

You need your chimney flashing to stay in great shape. This essential part of your roofing protects one of the most leak-prone areas of your home. Flashing:


Provides a waterproof seal around your chimney


Helps protect your roof and home from water damage


Prevents rain and melting snow from leaking into your home

An experienced chimney flashing company will replace your flashing correctly and ensure a watertight seal. If you need chimney flashing repair or replacement services, contact us today.